COVID-19 and Health Equity — Exploring Disparities and Long-Term Health Impacts

Debra Perez Sandra Quinn Jeanette Kowalik Umair Shah

Presenters' slides (PDF): Sarah Quinn, Jeanette Kowalik, Umair Shah

Webinar transcript (PDF) 



The sixth COVID-19 Conversations webinar explored the disproportionate impact COVID-19 is having on minority communities, what we can do now to combat these disturbing health inequities, and what we can learn from past pandemics about how to provide equitable care to all.

Our expert panel:

  • Debra Pérez, PhD, (Moderator) — Senior Vice President, Organizational Culture, Inclusion & Equity, Simmons University
  • Sandra Quinn, PhD — Senior Associate Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity
  • Jeanette Kowalik, PhD, MPH — Milwaukee Commissioner of Health
  • Umair Shah, MD, MPH — Executive Director, Harris County Public Health

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